ARB Documentation

The Architectural Review Board (“ARB”) is tasked with maintaining the natural beauty and environment at DeBordieu; preserving and promoting harmonious design in an effort to protect property values.

Please take a few moments to review the Architectural Review Board’s Requirements and Procedures Manual, as well as the Covenants and By-Laws. These governing documents, requirements and procedures ensure that the uniqueness of DeBordieu is maintained.
At any point when considering an improvement to your property, whether a vacant lot or an existing home, please reference the ARB Requirements and Procedures Manual for the design review process. Briefly, ARB approval is required for any exterior modification including, but not limited to:

  • Clearing any vegetation from an unimproved lot
  • Tree removal
  • Any new construction home, garage, boat house or other out building, etc. Building an addition or making any exterior changes or alterations (including all exterior painting of doors, windows, shutters, trim, or roofing), to an existing home, building or structure
  • Making landscaping changes, alterations or additions to an existing landscaping
  • Installing a pool, fence, wall, deck, beach walk, dock, gazebo, arbor, play or recreational equipment, fire pit, outdoor kitchen, or any other similar structure and Redesigning or changing the surface material of a driveway.

If your proposed plan requires prior ARB approval, please contact me at (843) 527-5033, or by email at I am also able to provide names and contact information for architects, builders, contractors, handyman services, painters, plumbers, landscaping designers, etc. as needed.

Please let me know if I can assist you.


Meg Wilcox

ARB Administrator

1.0 ARB Manual

Guidelines and Procedures for the DCCA Architectural Review Board process


2024 ARB Meeting Schedule


3.10 ARB Fees & Deposits


6.0 Contractor Work Rules

Rules and Regulations governing construction and maintenance.


6.16 Enforcement Fee Schedule

A schedule of fines that may be levied when a property owner or a prime contractor or subcontractor violates...


7.3.1 Conceptual Design Review Application

Requesting a Conceptual Review is encouraged prior to preparation of detailed drawings when there is concern about the acceptability...


7.3.2 Design Preliminary Review Application

Requesting a Preliminary Review is strongly encouraged as a means of avoiding delays in obtaining a successful Final Review.


7.3.3 Final Review Application


7.3.4 Final Review Application: Alterations & Exterior Changes


7.5 Variance Request

The ARB has the authority under Article X, Section 5 of the By-Laws to and may occasionally grant variances...


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