DeBordieu Colony

DeBordieu Colony... a world of its own

DeBordieu Colony is one of the oldest beachside communities on the East Coast. It’s a unique blend of wildlife, beach, and beautiful family homes. According to local legend, the name “DeBordieu” was given to this area by the Marquis de Lafayette. After navigating secretly for 54 days in order to avoid being captured by the British fleet, Lafayette landed his ship Victory on June 13, 1777, and exclaimed, “This land is so beautiful, it must be the borderland of God! (D’aborde Dieu).” Our southern pronunciation “Debidue” comes from the local Gullah dialect.

Some 400 years have not diminished the beauty that LaFayette found so captivating. With only 1,220 homesites on 2,700 acres, and hundreds of acres established as a wildlife preserve, DeBordieu Colony will delight residents and guests for generations to come.

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DeBordieu Colony property is subject to specific covenants and restrictions. Simply put, that means there are rules owners and guests must follow. Click this link to find out more about ARB requirements, Board policies, Rules & Regulations, etc.

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Images of DeBordieu

“There are two people in every photograph: the photographer and the viewer” ― Ansel Adams

If "a picture is worth a thousand words," these photos and videos of DeBordieu Colony's natural beauty, wildlife and residents capture a simplistic serenity that would easily fill several libraries.

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