DeBordieu Outdoor Safety Tips

We share our beautiful community with an abundance of wildlife. To maintain the safety of our residents and visitors, as well as that of the wildlife, please keep the following in mind:


  • Please pick-up after your pets. Waste bags are located at the Beach Club, and Walkways #6 and #12
  • Dogs must be leashed when outside their yards.
  • Be aware of toxic plants (like Sago Palms) as consumption by dogs can be fatal.

Shark Safety:

  • Swim with a buddy, sharks are more likely to approach a solitary individual.
  • Avoid being in the water during dawn, dusk, darkness or twilight hours. Sharks are most active during these times.
  • Avoid swimming within 50 yards of people fishing.
  • Avoid waters where there are signs of bait fish. Seabirds seen diving, means fish are in the water in that area and could attract sharks.
  • Avoid wearing jewelry or brightly colored contrasting clothing in the water.

Surf Fishing:

  • Do not fish within 50 yards of people swimming.
  • As a reminder, Georgetown County Beach Regulations state that “Baiting or fishing at any time by persons from the public beach in such a manner that will create an unsafe condition or hazard to bathers, swimmers, surfers and others in the water along the public beach shall be unlawful.


  • Do not feed or harass alligators. A FED ALLIGATOR IS A DEAD ALLIGATOR
  • Do not throw fish scraps, chicken necks or bait into ponds when fishing or crabbing.
  • Alligators are not relocated – they are destroyed.