DeBordieu Boulevard Path Construction to begin in February

After 4-years of planning, the DeBordieu Boulevard pedestrian path/beautification project will begin in February and be completed before Memorial Day.


A 2-way bike/pedestrian/cart path will be constructed on each side of the center of the median along almost 1 mile of DeBordieu Blvd from Luvan Boulevard to Dune Oaks Drive. The beautification project calls for the select removal of existing trees/shrubs to improve visibility, and the installation of landscape that includes lower growing grasses and palms, as well as Crepe Myrtles and Live Oaks.  The plan also includes pedestrian/vehicle signs on the asphalt path.


The Board has approved the project and it is set to begin in mid- February and be completed before the Memorial Day weekend. Traffic control is included in the project and DeBordieu security officers will be available as needed to direct traffic and insure pedestrian safety during the process.


Beginning in 2015, the Long Range Planning Committee was charged with developing a master plan for paths throughout DeBordieu Colony. Several town hall meetings, a community survey, community input, county and state permitting, and lots of committee and board meetings have resulted in the plan that is being implemented.


This project received Board approval at the January meeting with a budget not to exceed $650,000. Monies from the Reserve account will be used to pay for the project. Thus, no additional owner assessment is required.

We are excited to begin this project which will provide our owners and guests a beautiful, natural path to traverse the neighborhood.

Stay tuned to the Blue Heron for additional updates.