Canal Dredge Project – 2018/19

DeBordieu Colony is a special place situated such that we enjoy exclusive direct access to our beautiful beach, and to a creek and marsh that is unequaled on the east coast with its access to North Inlet and its estuaries. As stewards of these precious assets, our community has accepted the responsibility of maintenance, which includes systematic beach nourishment as well as canal dredging for continued community access to Debidue Creek.

State permitting limits dredging from mid-October to January, 31, 2019.  In an effort to extend the length of the project, a revised permit was approved increasing the depth by .5 feet”, which will extend the life of the project.  The creek is part of a dynamic natural system, and, while we can expect the same natural processes which created the need for dredging to continue, boaters can reduce shoaling by operating their boats at no-wake speed beginning at the entrance to the channel.  Boat wakes are the most significant source of erosion of the canal banks.

Updates will be provided as more information becomes available.