New Vehicle Decal Available

The DCCA considers owner and community safety and security a top priority. It is with that thought in mind that all residential vehicle decals will expire March 31, 2020. This 5-year “purge” allows owners and DCCA staff to review current records for accuracy and eliminate outdated vehicle information.

As a reminder, the DCCA Policy for issuing decals/barcodes is as follows:

•  Decals are restricted to property owners and immediate family members (mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, sons-in-law, and daughters-in-law). Each property has a maximum of eight decals, with the first two being issued at no charge. Additional decals are $15 each. Additional family members can be listed under the property address and, with the property owner’s permission and proper identification, gain entry with a paper pass.

•  Decals can be obtained from the DeBordieu Administration office between the hours of 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. They will be activated at that time.

•  Decals are available to be mailed to property owners upon request. However, if decals are mailed and then misplaced and/or lost, there will be a $15 replacement cost. Mailed decals will not be activated until the DCCA staff verifies that the decal has been applied to the correct vehicle. The operator of the vehicle must show identification and vehicle registration to complete the activation of the decal/barcode.

•  All outstanding DCCA assessments must be paid before new decals can be issued.

Notices with a current list of vehicles assigned to the property were mailed out in late November. Please complete and return the renewal application with the appropriate payment.

We appreciate your cooperation during this transition period. If you have any questions concerning the renewal process of the DeBordieu decals, please contact Sue Asbaty at 843-527-4436 or