New road project begins in March

Total Asphalt will be on property in late March to treat community roads in a rejuvenation project similar to the one completed in 2017.  Touting a “greener” product that dries in just two hours, the crews will begin by cleaning the roads, applying the product, and directing traffic.

The benefits of using this product are the increased longevity of asphalt. Studies show it is more cost effective to periodically maintain a pavement surface, mitigating many of the environmental distress mechanisms. Preventive maintenance of flexible pavements is important, as weathering and other environmental damage are primary factors leading to premature failure of pavements. Periodic renewing of the surface preserves the pavement structure.

Residents will be updated on the specific location and dates/times as we get closer to the start date. As a reminder, the project is weather dependent so updates will be sent accordingly. Additionally, recently paved roads and those scheduled to be paved this year will not be treated.