DeBordieu Colony Community Association and DeBordieu Club July 4th Parade Notice

These past three months have been difficult for our country and for our Club and Community members, our families and guests, and our staff. We have scrupulously followed all mandated guidelines and exceeded some to ensure we keep all as safe as we can from this deadly virus.  Major Club events have been cancelled resulting in a significant revenue loss, limitations placed on all of us regarding our proximity to one another, and other inconveniences, all in an attempt to minimize the risk of contracting or spreading the Corona virus.

Our next major holiday weekend is July 4.  The Club and Community Boards have given this much thought and reached out to members, medical personnel, as well as reviewed data from SC DHEC.  On May 1, 2020, the number of virus cases in Georgetown County was 50.  Today it is 76 and has been increasing at a faster rate in the past 10 days.

We have a long tradition of holding a July 4 parade accompanied with lots of water guns and good-natured fun.  The parade route is narrow, and people are crowded together during the parade.  Keeping appropriate distancing and masking is not realistic. And this event attracts many guests on this particular day.

After reviewing all the relevant data and the input we have received, our Boards agree that the risk of holding the parade outweigh the enjoyment of having the event this year.  Therefore, the July 4, 2020 parade is being cancelled.  Hopefully, all can understand the thought that has gone into this and we can all look forward to another fun-filled water fight and parade in 2021.

Our July 4 fireworks will proceed.  With the large geographic area around Teal LaBruce pond, the causeway, the golf course fairways, and Luvan Blvd which will be closed, we think this is an acceptable risk as there is ample room for proper distancing. The fireworks demonstration is jointly being sponsored by Peace Sotheby Real Estate, DeBordieu Club and DeBordieu Community Association.

Please have a safe and enjoyable July 4.

This is a joint notice from the DeBordieu Colony Community Association and DeBordieu Club.

Tom Moon, DCCA President         and         Sean Phelan, DCI President