Canal Dredging Update – Friday, November 9, 2018

The dredge has finished dredging the channel to Debidue Creek and is making its way back toward the boat landing. Today you can see the dredge along Colony Pointe, halfway to the boat basin. Captain Billy Jordan expects to be dredging the boat basin the middle of next week.

The community dock has been removed from the basin for repairs. Boaters may use the Colony Pointe docks for temporary tie up.

Boaters please be aware of the pipeline, which is marked by floating buoys, which provide boaters with visual identification of the pipeline location. Some portions of the dredge pipeline will be floating at the surface of the water at various times and some portions will be submerged beneath the water surface.

Boaters should communicate their need to proceed through the blocked area with dredging personnel and await instructions from the equipment operators. The dredge operator or other equipment operators will provide boaters with assistance around the dredge equipment to ensure safe passage.

The dredge radio channel is 66.

Thank you,
Blanche H. Brown, CMCA, AMS, PCAM
General Manager